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Company introduction

Syntron is a biopharmaceutical company with fully independent intellectual properties dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs, as well as clinical research and commercialization worldwide.

The aim of our company is to provide patients with better treatment and lower costs.

The vision of our company is to synchronize China's new drug research and development with the world, provide breakthrough and innovative treatments against cancer, autoimmune diseases, and lead drug research and development across the world.

Our company's research and development centers are located at Beijing and Nanjing. The industrial base is located at Yancheng Binhai Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. The company mainly focused on developing small-molecule immune check point inhibitors, antiviral inhibitors and diabetes complications treatment. With the enrichment of product pipelines and the exploration of combination therapy, our innovation areas are expected to expand to more types of drug development.

Medicine for Wellbeing, Fight for the Future.

synchronize China's new drug research and development with the world.

Being together, we are determined to develop innovative drugs that are more effective for patients around the world.


  • Sheng Jiang

    Chairman of our Board,Chief scientist

    Dr. Jiang completed his Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (China) in 2003. He started his independent career in 2008 at Guangzhou Biomedicine and Health, CAS. In 2017, Professor Jiang moved his research group to the China Pharmaceutical University. His scientific interest is mainly focused on development of novel small drug-like molecules and peptidomimetic derivatives acting on targets of epigenetics and immuno-oncology. He has authored or co-authored over 80 publications and 50 patents. Several drug candidates from his research group are now under preclinical studies.

  • Yibei Xiao

    Chief Pharmacology Scientist 主要负责药物的药效学评价,药物靶点的确证和药物作用机制的阐明

    Dr.Xiao responsible for pharmacological evaluation, drug targets validation and mechanisms elucidation. National Youth Talent Program, "Shuang chuang" Program of Jiangsu Province.

    Dr. Xiao obtained his doctoral degree from Institute of Biochemistry, University of Lübeck, Germany. His postdoctoral research is in Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cornell University. He is Professor of China Pharmaceutical University.

  • Binghua Guo

    General Manager 主要负责药物的研究管理工作,项目注册,项目推进及运营管理

    Binghua Guo, founded Beijing Fly-Tech Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(北京科翔中升医药科技有限公司), where he served as a director and the general manager. He also served as the general manager Jiangsu Omega Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office, Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited. (澳美制药厂有限公司).

    Binghua Guo obtained his master’s degree in pharmaceutical from China Pharmaceutical University.

  • Chunhe Liu PhD.

    R & D Center Deputy General Manager 主要负责药物的研究管理工作

    Dr.Liu has more than 20 years of experience in the medicinal Chemistry. He served as the deputy general manager of Beijing Fly-Tech Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(北京科翔中升医药科技有限公司).

    Dr. Liu obtained his doctoral degree in medicinal chemistry from Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

  • Xiangjie Meng

    R & D Center Deputy General Manager

    Ms. Meng Mainly responsible for drug preparations, drug analysis and project management work, in the field of drug research and development, many years of experience, She served as the deputy general manager of Beijing Fly-Tech Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and  R & D Center of Jiangsu Omega Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., have rich drug discovery and management experience.

  • Guangyong Zhang

    Industry Base Deputy General Manager

    Mr. Zhang Mainly responsible for company engineering construction and comprehensive quality management. More than 20 years of experience, rich in drug registration, quality management, engineering construction, mainly involving raw materials, injections, solid preparations, oral solutions, etc.

Development history

  • 2021.08.18
    Opening ceremony of the industrial base at Yancheng Binhai Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province
  • 2021.08.08
    Opening of Beijing Research and Development Center
  • 2021.05.14
    Foundation of Syntron Beijing Branch
  • 2021.03.16
    Foundation of Syntron

Enterprise culture

SYNTRON is a compound word. SYN is taken from the chemical synthesis, and TRON is adapted from synchrotron. SYNTRON means keeping pace with the world and pioneer in innovating.

The logo of the company is inspired by tai chi graphic. The word "tai chi" wasfirst appeared in "Zhou Yi ". In traditional Chinese philosophy, tai chi means the origin of all things. Tai Chi graphic reveals the origin of the universe, the life, the matter and its occurrence, development, movement of the nature.

We take "professional and exploring" as our culture, and contribute to human health by continues exploration of life science.

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